Go Bold, Go Navy!

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By Brooke Williams

Within the past few months, the use of navy is emerging as a popular trend in Interior Design. There’s no question in my mind as to why. If you think about it, navy can be a great neutral. It’s the perfect alternative for when people don’t like to mix black and brown. Navy is a great “safe” bold color. It’s a very rich color that complements many interiors and provides wonderful contrast to a home.

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You can add a high sheen or lacquer and this color takes on a sexy new approach- of which I happen to LOVE.

How can you bring navy into your home? Furniture and accent pillows easily mix into most all design styles. Navy decor and/or a statement lamp can serve as a solid anchor and collective focal point.  Art is a wonderful way to provide interest and depth on your walls.

So as you can see, navy gives that “warm, cozy” vibe and can be modern or traditional, sleek or textural!

One on One with Julie Liebetreu

Lovelace Interiors


Married on April Fool’s Day in Barbados | Completed first open water dive at night, in a cave | First started working with Susan Lovelace in 1993, when she had a small office inside Clements Antiques

What is inspiring you lately? Lovelace Interiors! I’ve been here for 20 years and right now, this is the most beautiful I have ever seen the showroom. It looks the best it has ever looked.

What’s your go-to cocktail :  Woodford Reserve and Ginger Ale. Because it’s made in Kentucky & I’m a Kentucky girl!

When you aren’t designing and doing your creative field, what can you most likely be found doing? Playing Tennis!

What’s in your perfect picnic basket : a good bottle of wine, brie cheese, grapes, and a good gourmet cracker.

I never have enough … time! I need like 4 more hours in the day.

I can’t say no to… a good doubles tennis match!

I am obsessed with…  the Houzz website! I sit there and just look and dream about the beautiful homes that are on there.

If you won 10 million dollars, what would be your first purchase? A fabulous home, about 5000 sq ft home, with a pool and a spa. An open space.

Favorite material/textures: linen, mercury glass, beach glass

Your style in words: I like a sophisticated look that is livable and comfortable.

Favorite tv show: Nashville and Scandal

Most treasured possession: my vintage bath tub

What is your favorite stage of your design/creative process? I love new construction when it’s framed and you’re visualizing the space and getting to make decisions. And I love the smell of raw lumber. Then when it’s finished, and you turn on all the lights and it looks beautiful, that’s such a great feeling.

Movie set you’d love to live in: Something’s Gotta Give

Celebrity closet you’d like to raid:  Jennifer Anniston

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