A Watercolor House Design

Lovelace Interiors

Many people do not realize that Interior Design is more than just furniture, fabrics and accessories!  We take great pride and joy in being able to help people throughout the entire building/remodeling process.  Being able to see a project through from conception to photographs is truly exciting, motivating and rewarding!  It usually produces the most detailed final results, like in this custom-built house in Watercolor.  Lead Designer, Cara McBroom, worked tirelessly with the owners, the builder, the architect and other designers to create a final result that all parties involved are bursting with pride over.

Cara is proud to have had a hand in all aspects of the design on some level.  She provided all color consultations, designed all bathroom vanity elevations, a custom media wall, a 3-story custom light fixture, and not to mention all the finish specifications and lighting.

The result? Clean. Quiet. Serene. Sophisticated. A house that would be beautiful, even if it had no furniture at all.

Having a strong design concept is vital in a large scale project like this one, and is one of the reasons hiring a designer early on is so important.  It can save much time, money and headaches by preventing the project from straying away from the initial core vision.

Let us help you achieve your vision of your home, and we will go above and beyond to make the final result better than you ever dreamed!