The Unlikely Pair: Black & Blue

The Unlikely Pair: Black & Blue

People may be hesitant to pair black and blue together for an interior color scheme. I think the main drawback is that black and blue together may give the same vibe as black and brown together; some people like to mix them and others strongly don’t want them together. Personally, I like to mix them. In interiors, textiles, or fashion, black and blue together can be really rich and bold! Use these two together to make a classy but chic statement.  Since black and blue can come across as neutrals, add a bold 3rd color for a fun accent! It could be a small accent or a larger presence of the new color.   What I love most about black and blue together is its design style versatility. It suits a traditional setting just as easily as it does for a contemporary design. However, it’s sure to guarantee a mature, elegant, and timeless look.  If you don’t want to make as bold of a statement using black and blue in your main upholstery, rugs, or walls, you can use the pair together in other ways. Incorporate them into accessories, accent pillows, a small accent wall, or side chair. By using them in smaller doses, you can a very rich feel but make a more subtle statement.   Real Estate... read more

One on One with Mandy Rice

We are proud to welcome one of our newest designers, Mandy Rice, to the Lovelace Interiors design team! Mandy has an Interior Design degree from Alabama, and worked in the design and marketing field after graduation. She later stayed home to raise her 3 children and recently started back in residential design. We are happy to have her talents here at Lovelace Interiors!  Born & raised in Destin | Has a 12 year old daughter & 8 year old girl, boy twins | Spends Fall Saturdays watching Alabama football with the family What’s your go-to cocktail?  I love a glass of wine with my friends…or maybe 2 My favorite book is…  I love to read so I am always finding new favorites.  Right now I am enjoying Lisa Unger’s thrillers. Favorite room in my house: I love our kitchen.  We love to cook and make so many memories in that room.  It is the heart of our home. In my dream house… The gulf view would be center stage to a neutral airy space. Having 3 kids, it has to be comfortable and functional for our busy lifestyle.  A playroom is a must, so I don’t have to look at their toys! In my fridge there is always… lots of fruit.  My kids eat it like candy My perfect day is …relaxing on the boat with my family. My dream vacation is… hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy again.  It was amazing, and I want to share that with my husband one day.  Favorite colors… I love neutrals as the canvas with pops of color in furniture and accessories. So many colors... read more

Fall Inspiration

By Cara McBroom I don’t know about everyone else, but I am starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling of excitement for fall!  I am ready for cooler weather, boots, warm lattes and a cool new shade of lipstick that makes me feel all festive and girly (even though I don’t even wear that much lipstick)! I am not one to browse all the style blogs and read all the magazines that tell me what colors I should be using, but this year there is one color scheme, in particular, that won’t stop speaking to me! It jumps out at me in the jewelry section at Target, and screams my name as I’m browsing art for a client. I’m talking about dried wild flowers and pumpkins! A purple and coral sunset: Lavendar, Coral, Salmon, Blush, and soft Orange. I, apparently, am feeling very romantic, flirty and sweet! I ran across a line of giclees by a company called CHC Art, a company I use often in my design work.  I couldn’t stop staring at the art– I absolutely adore this color combination! And here’s what I imagine this painting would look like, if you turned it into a room: Now, what would happen if you kicked the color saturation up a notch?  Do you love color as much as I do?  Try these schemes: Who wants to go shopping with me?!?  I’m... read more