Packing a Punch with a Monochromatic Scheme

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  By Lindsay Miller

Most every interior designer will tell you to keep your home basics neutral, classic, and non-trendy. But neutral doesn’t have to equal blah. Think back 10-15 years when beach front condos were painted traditional golds and reds, had heavy, ornate bedding, and there were monkeys and palm trees everywhere! Then coastal design went through a phase where the concept was “the brighter the better.” As you walked into a condo the first thing you saw were sailboats, coral and turquoise wall colors, and shells, shells, and more shells. Now design has taken a more neutral stance. By keeping your wall color, cabinetry, and major upholstery pieces in the neutral white/khaki/beige color family, this allows for pops of color change in smaller accessories, art, and bedding.

For example, the Pantone color of  the year 2013 is Emerald Green. Just imagine if you based your color scheme around a yearly trend… from a monetary standpoint it’s much easier to change a pillow than a wall color! So, stick with neutrals, and throw a pop of color in to make that bold statement! If you think neutral is boring, see some of the serene images below that depict this classic design style.


Lovelace Interiors

How our designers can assist with any design work for our clients out of state
By Linda Holman

Several years ago one of my clients asked me if I could help her with a new project in her home state of New Hampshire. How hard is it to create a design and have all the conceptual materials translate into the perfect outcome?  It is a lot easier than you think!

Most designers can establish the groundwork for the design with the initial visit to the out of town location. Meeting with the “Design Team” of Architect, Builder and Designer, along with the clients, helps establish the conceptual phase of the design and creates a great dialogue for the success of the project. Communication is the key to any team effort and is especially important for translating information from different locations.

Being organized also helps create an easy translation of ideas and concepts. I spend a lot of time on a Project Manual that I pass out to all Team members. It contains all the interior drawings and specifications that the builder needs to assure that the project runs smoothly. All materials are specified and the subcontractors have a complete set of everything they will need to complete their work. This saves valuable time and expensive change orders.

The greatest tool we have at our fingertips is Modern Technology to go along with our design talents. Any questions or concerns on the job can be sent by I-phone or Email in an instant and quickly resolved! Any problems can be easily solved by sending a photo from the site for on-the-spot answers. I only had to make 2 more travel arrangements to complete my projects. One during construction and the last one to install everything.

Another necessity for any out-of-town job is the acquisition of a professional designer warehouse near the jobsite to receive, personally check, and deliver all goods to the installation. I have found that most cities have a designer warehouse within a reasonable distance that can be contracted to provide these services. Shipping direct to the warehouse is easily accomplished with the help of each supplier. I was also able to contract window treatment installers and local fabricators through my architect and the local design trade that met me at the job and assisted in all custom design work.

The photos included in my Blog show 2 homes that have been designed and installed in Boston,Massachusetts and Hampton Beach,New Hampshire. It was a lot of fun and my client was able to be comfortable using my services once again. So, if you have a project that is not in our area and want to use one of our Designers it’s no problem…we travel well!

A Designer’s Take on What’s Hot Right Now!

Lovelace Interiors

By Lindsay Miller

Layering Rugs

Layering elements in a room add pattern, color and texture that give any room an interesting and cozy feel. Most often times, a patterned rug is layered over a solid. However, layering multiple prints can be beautiful as well. Hides are an easy way to layer: try placing a hide over a simple jute or seagrass rug to give an element of warmth.

Equestrian Inspired Interiors

From large graphic art pieces, to decorative accessories, and even furniture lines, the world of design is going to the pastures: literally. Horses are everywhere these days. This white resin Oly Studio dining table is quite the statement piece.
Tile Accent Walls
Want that wow factor? Go with tile. For any space, particularly bathrooms, tile walls have become the new trend. They are durable, functional, and downright beautiful. Though tiles will definitely run more than simply painting or wallpapering, they really make that statement. Tile a small space like powder bath, or a kitchen backsplash, or even a tub deck in a bathroom.

Bolder is Better This Fall!

Lovelace Interiors

In the mood to spice up your decor this fall?  Don’t head straight for those traditional fall colors–give your rooms a burst of flavor with some of these colorful accent chairs and pillows!  We suggest that the bolder the color and pattern is, the better.  Your spirits are already lifting a little more each day, as the weather gets cooler.  Why not also be bright, happy and whimsical with your decor?

Wing chairs make wonderful accent chairs in almost any room.  Give that accent wing chair a punch with a bright, bold color or an unexpected print!  Then, balance the visual weight of that chair with coordinating accent pillows and art.

We love this new indigo paisley from Design Legacy above.  It brings a beautiful, fresh palette of blues together in a rich, saturated way.  The large chevron print on the chairs below make a bold, striking statement.  The accent pillows on the sofa reinforce the blues, while the art brings unexpected complementary punch to balance the boldness of the chevron.

Don’t be afraid of new, rich punches of color this fall!  They make a festive statement that will lift your spirits and brighten your lives.  Come on into our showroom and be inspired!


A Watercolor House Design

Lovelace Interiors

Many people do not realize that Interior Design is more than just furniture, fabrics and accessories!  We take great pride and joy in being able to help people throughout the entire building/remodeling process.  Being able to see a project through from conception to photographs is truly exciting, motivating and rewarding!  It usually produces the most detailed final results, like in this custom-built house in Watercolor.  Lead Designer, Cara McBroom, worked tirelessly with the owners, the builder, the architect and other designers to create a final result that all parties involved are bursting with pride over.

Cara is proud to have had a hand in all aspects of the design on some level.  She provided all color consultations, designed all bathroom vanity elevations, a custom media wall, a 3-story custom light fixture, and not to mention all the finish specifications and lighting.

The result? Clean. Quiet. Serene. Sophisticated. A house that would be beautiful, even if it had no furniture at all.

Having a strong design concept is vital in a large scale project like this one, and is one of the reasons hiring a designer early on is so important.  It can save much time, money and headaches by preventing the project from straying away from the initial core vision.

Let us help you achieve your vision of your home, and we will go above and beyond to make the final result better than you ever dreamed!

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