Elements and Principles of Design, Part 1

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Lovelace Interiors always strives to use the Elements and Principles of Design throughout each project. We asked our summer interns to analyze a few projects and discuss how the elements and principles show in each space. We hope you are able to take away design advice about a thing or two!

Summer Intern Series Part 1:

Designer: Cara McBroom; Written by: Alison Cowart

In a space as large and open as Crescent City Color, correct proportions can be difficult to achieve. The designer made careful selections in order to ensure that each piece of furniture had a sense of belonging. From the height of the chairs to the form of the throw pillows, each piece works together to create a unified space. The unity in this design creates smooth transitions throughout, and allows users’ eyes to happily dance from one area to the next.

India Hicks Collection

Lovelace Interiors

Have you heard of India Hicks? India was born in London, England, and comes from both British and design royalty. Her father was famed interior decorator David Hicks, and her mother is Lady Pamela Hicks, whose father was the last viceroy of India, hence India’s name.

Ginger Jar Style

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Ginger jars are popular in the design world right now. They were all over High Point Market in April and we loved the different ways they were styled. Often, you will see them arranged in a collection of various sizes and shapes. They make great focal points in entries, or on dining sideboards. Most are blue and white, but the jar’s pattern varies to lend itself to different design styles.

The Importance of Real Estate Staging

Lovelace Interiors

One of my co-designers, Karen Kerns and I have been chosen to partially stage 4 available units at Sanctuary by the Sea in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. When the building was built, the developer kept a few units as investment properties, all of which have sat on the market for quite some time. When we talked with realtors and prospective clients, we realized the reason they weren’t getting the attention they deserved was the fact that they were a spatial furniture challenge.

The Unlikely Pair: Black & Blue

Lovelace Interiors

People may be hesitant to pair black and blue together for an interior color scheme. I think the main drawback is that black and blue together may give the same vibe as black and brown together; some people like to mix them and others strongly don’t want them together.

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