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By Carly Hamlett, Summer Intern from Auburn University

Sectionals have been around for over half a century and for a good reason!  When picturing a sectional you may think of the lovely iconic 70’s plaid or a big bulky piece of furniture that takes over a whole room.  However, sectionals have come a long way to grace the most elegant of homes today.  The beauty of a sectional is it’s functionality and versatility.  They can fit in virtually any space and correspond with any style.  It is perfect for large families (no more fighting over a spot on the couch) and a small city apartment dweller alike!






This sectional fits perfectly in this small space and complements the simplistic design.

Unique arrangement of a sleek white sectional.

Sectionals are a great way to divide living spaces.

This large sectional provides plenty of seating for a large crowd.

There are never ending styles of sectionals.  Here are some examples to inspire all the possibilities!

One on One with Cassidy Lyons Pickens

Lovelace Interiors

Can be a dare devil on four wheelers & roller coasters | Loves to work in the yard | Strongly believes actions speak louder than words

My motto is… LIVE FREE….I wear a bracelet my Brother and Sister-in-law gave me as a gift to remind myself of it every day! 

I buy too much…. clothes and shoes…and probably lipstick…

Antique or modern…I love using a combination of both antique and modern. I feel it adds dimension and character to any space!

Favorite material/textures…It’s’ all in the small details which as a whole complete and create a more custom design!  I enjoy adding wall treatments especially Mica on ceilings. It can dramatically change the look of a room. Another detail that can make or break any room is custom fabrications….the possibilities are endless with all the beautiful fabrics and trims available and you receive fabrications that no one else will have which is always a cool aspect of working with a designer.

My perfect vacation would be… A week of total relaxation with my loved ones probably some place tropical with a little adventure.

First thing I notice when I walk into a room? I’m definitely a furniture guru….I find myself checking out furniture, lamps, lighting and even wall treatments and naming the companies of each piece in my head… I don’t know why but it gives me satisfaction when I’m right…ha! 

What vendor is your current favorite? I love the edgy designs of Global Views and seem to use them as a go to for great lamps and accessories.

Click here for Cassidy’s Bio and Contact Information!

One on One with Brooks Logan

Lovelace Interiors

I love photography | Intially wanted to be an artist | My namesake was a midwife and delivered Abraham Lincoln

My motto is… where there’s a will, there’s a way!

When I road trip I always… take along magazines and tear our recipes and inspirational photographs of interiors, art, and gardens.

Your style in words… simple, tailored, attention to small details in the furnishings, lighting, interior architecture, and use of color and texture.

What is your favorite college town? Lexington, Kentucky! Go Cats!

Antique or modern? I prefer modern and transitional but I have family antiques that mean the world to me; especially a bed that belonged to my fifth great grandmother and my namesake.

What’s in your perfect picnic basket? Country ham and biscuits, fresh fruit, cheese grits, and bourbon chocolate brownies. 

My dream vacation is… to have a month to tour Italy without being rushed to be anywhere at a certain time or date.

Movie set you’d love to live in? Diane Keaton’s beach home in “Something’s Got to Give”.

What four-legged friends share your home? Lily, our black and tan miniature dachshund.

Favorite place to get inspired on 30a? I love Alys Beach. When I first visted, I was still living in Lexington, KY. When I returned there, I was so invigorated and anxious to begin my next design project. I love the attention to detail and the simplicity of the Alys Beach architecture.

Who is your design Idol? Barbara Barry

What are your favorite colors? Spring time and watery colors: aqua, pink, blue, yellow-greens, and yellow.

Favorite Materials/Textures: silk, linen, and quality chenilles

I can’t say no to… Keeneland’s Bread Pudding with bourbon sauce, Banana’s Foster, Key Lime Pie, or anything chocolate!

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Florals Galore

Lovelace Interiors

By Brooke Williams

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! And so will be true for the Interior Design world as well. Florals are a huge hit right now! High Point Market is currently underway and I suspect many vendors will have implemented florals into their design or inspiration. Of course our fabric vendors have beat them to it! This spring, we are seeing great new florals textiles and wall coverings. Some may think it’s a little dated to go back to the floral decor, but some may like this modern approach to the traditional florals.




Take a look at some of the bold, large scale florals that are making a scene. Where could you use a touch of these in your home? Powder baths, guest bedrooms, sun rooms, and kitchens are rooms that can always have a little fun!

A Passion for Art

Lovelace Interiors

We are thrilled to welcome a new designer, Brooks Logan to the Lovelace team! Brooks has experience in a variety of design fields and has been in design for over 30 years. Click here for Brooks’s contact information and to learn about Brooks! 

By Brooks Logan


A Passion for ART and reasons you can love it too!

West Elm

Lillian August for Hickory White

ART draws you in as it activates your senses and emotions. It might be the design, color, or texture. Perhaps it evokes memories of good times, family, and fascinating places. Whatever it may be, there is a part of you that instinctively knows when a piece of art resonates deep within. Art has the ability to transform a room from ho-hum to spectacular and elevate your mood with just a glance. That’s pretty amazing!

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

Local Artist

ART has the ability to transcend place and time. Maybe it was a trip to Europe, Asia, or the Emerald Coast of Florida. We all have memories of places that we never want to forget. Selecting artwork that brings those memories, sounds, and smells back to mind simply makes you joyful! Occasionally, I will trade out a piece with another during the winter months. Then, in early Spring when I change them back, it’s like an old friend has come back home.

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

ART is a means of expressing your personality and tastes. Starting with the first time I speak with a client, I am seeking to understand who they are and what their needs are. It’s important to understanding these things along with their style and color preferences so they can be incorporated into their home. The goal is to create interiors that not only function extremely well, but reflect your personality and interests. Art is one of the best ways to bring all these details to life.

Susan Lucas

Vanguard Showroom

ART is an integral part of creating beautiful and inspiring spaces. It’s easy to wait until the end of a project to select the art, but it’s rarely the best way. When a painting is going to be the focal point in a room, especially above a fireplace or sofa; it’s best to start with it before selecting the furnishings. Otherwise, trying to locate art that coordinates well with your fabrics and finishes can become tedious.


ART speaks to us in numerous interior ways. Be open to selecting pieces that resonate with you. Art will surprise you as it continues to enlighten your heart, mind, and soul; revealing a new awareness or inspire you to do something you have put off for too long.

LOVELACE INTERIORS has many beautiful paintings on the showroom floor as well as furniture, lighting, and accessories. Any one of our talented professional interior designers can help you to select the right pieces for your home or office.

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