A native of Albany, Georgia, Brooke graduated with honors from The University of Georgia holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, a CIDA accredited program. Throughout the three years of her design curriculum at UGA, Brooke was heavily involved with the UGA Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). During her membership, she served as Treasurer and Secretary. As an officer, she was involved in many Atlanta events with the professional Georgia Chapter of ASID.

The Gulf Coast has always been a frequent vacation spot for Brooke. It only made sense to complete her summer internship at the beach with Lovelace Interiors. After graduation, Brooke joined the designers of Lovelace Interiors. Brooke has always had a passion for residential Interior Design and the client relationships.

Brooke’s design eye dances to the architecture and design along the Emerald Coast. In a design sense, Brooke admires a variety of design styles and incorporating a mixture of textures. Functionality allows a client to enjoy their space, while aesthetic allows the client to connect with their environment. Brooke believes, “When you design functional interiors, people live positively in the space. The goal is matching the client to their personal aesthetic, and connecting them to these spaces. Happy homes make happy people!”


What Clients are Saying

“Brooke is an exceptionally talented, bright, trustworthy, personable and professional interior decorator. I highly recommend her services especially to anyone trying to transform a new home thousands of miles out of state. We were so elated with the way she transformed our new beach home. She coordinated all of the design and decisions over the phone and via email and text. She brought our vision to life and we never formally met until we came to visit for the first time. We bought it in May and she had it fully furnished, functional and beautiful upon our arrival for our vacation at the beginning of August. I would highly recommend her services.”

—Lindsey Weiler


“We engaged Brooke and Lovelace to create the interior design for a group of cottages we were renovating in Seagrove Beach FL. We knew that these weren’t what Lovelace typically did (work on smaller less expensive homes) but were hopeful they would lend their expertise and services to us. Luckily Lovelace gave us Brooke. Brooke was such a pro. She listened to our wants and needs, our budget and timeline. She met every deadline both she and us set, and exceeded our expectations in every way, even coming in under budget! We couldn’t be happier with her work, and fully plan to call only her on our next projects.”

—Nathan Weinberg

Brooke Williams

Interior Designer
For more information about Brooke,
Email: brooke@lovelaceinteriors.com