Taking the Show on the Road

Lovelace Interiors

By Joey LaSalle

Did you know that you can take us home with you? Not just your beach home but your primary home as well! Lovelace designers do travel and design all over the United States from New York City to Key West, Florida, Beverly Hills, California to Rye, New Hampshire and everywhere in between.  In addition to the myriad of projects we have up and down the Emerald Coast, Lovelace Interiors currently has projects in Napa Valley, New Orleans, New York City, Palm Coast, and Key West, Florida.

Recently Cassidy Pickens and I just returned from Key West Florida where we’ve been requested to take a beautiful 5,000 square foot Florida Plantation home from drab to FAB and represent the true spirit of Key West. When we arrived at our client’s house, pleasantries already extended, it was time to get to work!  When designing on location it’s important to pack in as much as we possibly can in a day.  Photo inventories, measures of every wall, door, window and of any existing furniture pieces that will be included in the new design. The project in Key West is a beautiful home in a colorful and vibrant location. So it became very obvious upon our survey that the home was void of color and most of the furnishings were out of scale for the rooms.  We knew that this house had beautiful bones and it was our job to best represent them and show them off.  We also knew we had to liven it up and bring the home into the modern age with a hint of edge as the family that we’re designing for are vivacious and live their lives to the fullest.  When designing someone’s home, whether primary or secondary, it’s vital that whatever we do suits THEIR lifestyle and fulfills THEIR dreams of how they want their home to look, feel and function. We present our design to our clients later this month and we’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Cassidy and I are also working on a brand new construction infill project in New Orleans.  Right above Notre Dame Street is a gorgeous new luxury condominium building with fantastic views and easy accessibility to the best restaurants and shops the city has to offer! We are elated to be designing a gorgeous 7th floor unit from the earliest phase of construction to the finest finishing details.  Our client is so appreciative of us handling all of the contractor’s questions throughout the construction phase.  From ceiling heights to electrical placement, architectural details, cabinets, counters and plumbing….Cassidy and I actively select everything with our client in mind.  In order to do so, we found ourselves in New Orleans on a hot summer’s day in hard hats trekking up 8 flights of stairs!  Armed with Tape measures, cameras, notepads and paint decks, our design of southern charm meets Park Avenue chic was born.  The Big Easy is the perfect opportunity to layer old world influence with contemporary elegance.  Drywall is in and soon we’ll be back on site installing our client’s luxury city retreat.  This is another project we’ll be sure to keep you posted on when it’s finished!

Traveling for our clients definitely requires a little more in preparation and longer days to ensure that we’re thorough and leave nothing to chance. That said, it’s a pleasure traveling for our clients and helping them achieve their dream homes.  If you’d like more information about working with us feel free to email us cassidy32459@yahoo.com or joeylasalle@yahoo.com