People may be hesitant to pair black and blue together for an interior color scheme. I think the main drawback is that black and blue together may give the same vibe as black and brown together; some people like to mix them and others strongly don’t want them together. Personally, I like to mix them. In interiors, textiles, or fashion, black and blue together can be really rich and bold! Use these two together to make a classy but chic statement.  Since black and blue can come across as neutrals, add a bold 3rd color for a fun accent! It could be a small accent or a larger presence of the new color.

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What I love most about black and blue together is its design style versatility. It suits a traditional setting just as easily as it does for a contemporary design. However, it’s sure to guarantee a mature, elegant, and timeless look.

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 If you don’t want to make as bold of a statement using black and blue in your main upholstery, rugs, or walls, you can use the pair together in other ways. Incorporate them into accessories, accent pillows, a small accent wall, or side chair. By using them in smaller doses, you can a very rich feel but make a more subtle statement.



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