Making Metallics More Masculine

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By Karen Sinclair Kerns

One of the most common challenges we see from our clients is the request for wanting to create an environment that is appealing to both men and women. The goal is to harmonize the warm feminine feel while not straying from a strong masculine taste. Metallic’s and wall coverings are usually not the first thing a man would think of when asking him his design requests but you would be amazed by what the right type of metallic’s combined with the perfect amount of deeply saturated colors can accomplish.

Take for instance this first example of how this masculine color scheme can take on an inviting feminine appeal when different elements are applied in the correct proportions and applications. The masculine pewter color with a metallic sheen and tufted treatment creates a harmonious gender natural feel. By also incorporating some bling on the pillows in addition to charcoal and navy accents a room has been created that is appealing to both a man and a woman.


In this dining room we see again how a masculine color scheme can be warmed with the use of metallics on the window treatments, black crystal chandelier and a monochromatic wall covering.  The luxurious feel associated with metallic’s can also be accomplished when using mirrored surfaces, crystal, and chrome nail heads.

This butler’s pantry / wine room takes on a masculine feel with the dark cabinetry but by adding the metallic finish to the ceiling coordinated with the chrome, crystal and white finishes in the light fixture,  creating  a very gender neutral room has been created.

Bathrooms and accent walls are great places to bring in metallic to add pop and sophistication to a space. When darker metallic colors are used it is very important to bring in the contrast of whites, crome finishes and mirrors.  By creating a balanced design like shown in these pictures a persons eye does not rest on one elelement but moves smoothly throughout the space leaving no feature unseen or shadowed.






Packing a Punch with a Monochromatic Scheme

Lovelace Interiors

  By Lindsay Miller

Most every interior designer will tell you to keep your home basics neutral, classic, and non-trendy. But neutral doesn’t have to equal blah. Think back 10-15 years when beach front condos were painted traditional golds and reds, had heavy, ornate bedding, and there were monkeys and palm trees everywhere! Then coastal design went through a phase where the concept was “the brighter the better.” As you walked into a condo the first thing you saw were sailboats, coral and turquoise wall colors, and shells, shells, and more shells. Now design has taken a more neutral stance. By keeping your wall color, cabinetry, and major upholstery pieces in the neutral white/khaki/beige color family, this allows for pops of color change in smaller accessories, art, and bedding.

For example, the Pantone color of  the year 2013 is Emerald Green. Just imagine if you based your color scheme around a yearly trend… from a monetary standpoint it’s much easier to change a pillow than a wall color! So, stick with neutrals, and throw a pop of color in to make that bold statement! If you think neutral is boring, see some of the serene images below that depict this classic design style.

A Designer’s Take on What’s Hot Right Now!

Lovelace Interiors

By Lindsay Miller

Layering Rugs

Layering elements in a room add pattern, color and texture that give any room an interesting and cozy feel. Most often times, a patterned rug is layered over a solid. However, layering multiple prints can be beautiful as well. Hides are an easy way to layer: try placing a hide over a simple jute or seagrass rug to give an element of warmth.

Equestrian Inspired Interiors

From large graphic art pieces, to decorative accessories, and even furniture lines, the world of design is going to the pastures: literally. Horses are everywhere these days. This white resin Oly Studio dining table is quite the statement piece.
Tile Accent Walls
Want that wow factor? Go with tile. For any space, particularly bathrooms, tile walls have become the new trend. They are durable, functional, and downright beautiful. Though tiles will definitely run more than simply painting or wallpapering, they really make that statement. Tile a small space like powder bath, or a kitchen backsplash, or even a tub deck in a bathroom.
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