Artists We Love in Places We Love, Pt. 2

By Karen Sinclair Kerns

We love our favorite artists so much it was impossible to cover it all in one entry. Justin Gaffrey is another one of our favorite local arts that we have to mention. The dimension and texture in his media is unparalleled. His work is described as classically impressionistic with breathtaking beauty and complexity. His pallet is usually vibrant colors but he also works with softer colors as well. In many of his pieces, he finds his inspiration from the beauty along Highway 30-A, which our clients love. Gaffrey’s art works well with all design concepts and is perfect if you have a neutral pallet and are looking for just the right pop of color to make a statement. Here are a few pieces of his art we have come to love.



A new artist who has just brought her funky style to the Emerald Coast is Sarah Ashley Longshore. She is well known in New Orleans, as well as, throughout the country. This year’s VIE cover artist and headlining artist of Alys Beach’s Digital Grafitti, a Lovelace Interiors sponsored event, where she showcased some of her amazing art. One of our favorite pieces was titled ‘Box of Birds’. This would be a great piece to add flavor in a spacious dressing room.


Here are a few of Longshore’s other pieces she showcased at Digital Graffiti.



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