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By Brooks Logan


A Passion for ART and reasons you can love it too!

West Elm

Lillian August for Hickory White

ART draws you in as it activates your senses and emotions. It might be the design, color, or texture. Perhaps it evokes memories of good times, family, and fascinating places. Whatever it may be, there is a part of you that instinctively knows when a piece of art resonates deep within. Art has the ability to transform a room from ho-hum to spectacular and elevate your mood with just a glance. That’s pretty amazing!

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

Local Artist

ART has the ability to transcend place and time. Maybe it was a trip to Europe, Asia, or the Emerald Coast of Florida. We all have memories of places that we never want to forget. Selecting artwork that brings those memories, sounds, and smells back to mind simply makes you joyful! Occasionally, I will trade out a piece with another during the winter months. Then, in early Spring when I change them back, it’s like an old friend has come back home.

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory

ART is a means of expressing your personality and tastes. Starting with the first time I speak with a client, I am seeking to understand who they are and what their needs are. It’s important to understanding these things along with their style and color preferences so they can be incorporated into their home. The goal is to create interiors that not only function extremely well, but reflect your personality and interests. Art is one of the best ways to bring all these details to life.

Susan Lucas

Vanguard Showroom

ART is an integral part of creating beautiful and inspiring spaces. It’s easy to wait until the end of a project to select the art, but it’s rarely the best way. When a painting is going to be the focal point in a room, especially above a fireplace or sofa; it’s best to start with it before selecting the furnishings. Otherwise, trying to locate art that coordinates well with your fabrics and finishes can become tedious.


ART speaks to us in numerous interior ways. Be open to selecting pieces that resonate with you. Art will surprise you as it continues to enlighten your heart, mind, and soul; revealing a new awareness or inspire you to do something you have put off for too long.

LOVELACE INTERIORS has many beautiful paintings on the showroom floor as well as furniture, lighting, and accessories. Any one of our talented professional interior designers can help you to select the right pieces for your home or office.

Artists We Love in Places We Love, Pt. 2

Lovelace Interiors

By Karen Sinclair Kerns

We love our favorite artists so much it was impossible to cover it all in one entry. Justin Gaffrey is another one of our favorite local arts that we have to mention. The dimension and texture in his media is unparalleled. His work is described as classically impressionistic with breathtaking beauty and complexity. His pallet is usually vibrant colors but he also works with softer colors as well. In many of his pieces, he finds his inspiration from the beauty along Highway 30-A, which our clients love. Gaffrey’s art works well with all design concepts and is perfect if you have a neutral pallet and are looking for just the right pop of color to make a statement. Here are a few pieces of his art we have come to love.



A new artist who has just brought her funky style to the Emerald Coast is Sarah Ashley Longshore. She is well known in New Orleans, as well as, throughout the country. This year’s VIE cover artist and headlining artist of Alys Beach’s Digital Grafitti, a Lovelace Interiors sponsored event, where she showcased some of her amazing art. One of our favorite pieces was titled ‘Box of Birds’. This would be a great piece to add flavor in a spacious dressing room.


Here are a few of Longshore’s other pieces she showcased at Digital Graffiti.



Artists We Love in Places We Love, Pt. 1

Lovelace Interiors

By Karen Sinclair Kerns

So often we have clients that have a very specific design style to their home and come to us with an original art piece that they love but it may not be in keeping with the design style.  Original art pieces come is so many different media types and styles. Finding the right piece that compliments the design of your space isn’t as hard as one might think. When selecting and investing in original art the most important thing is that it speaks to you. It maybe that it has sentimental value because the artist created it specifically for you to represent a time in your life or is reflective of the ones or places you love.

Below is an example of how we place art in an unlikely place. This triptych art piece is by one of our favorite local artist’s Mary Hong. This gorgeous contemporary bed lends itself to incorporating art in the negative space above the headboard. These art pieces are made of glass; one of Hongs most recognized media types. Although the bed is a large piece it gives the feeling of being light by use of the chrome finish and light leather upholstery.  The glass art selected does not compete with that concept and only adds to the overall feel of the room.

Here are few other examples of how we have placed Hong’s art in our showroom.


Allison Wickey is a great artist you will likely see in our showroom. She uses a 13 step, 4 day process involving Venetian plaster, acrylic paint, glazes, and an orbital sander. Wickey’s art can be incorporated into any design style. As you can see in the image below we have brought bright colors into the rooms décor and even thought the color pallet of the two pieces above the night stands are not bright they still work well with the aqua, turquoise, and natural finishes.

Here are a few of her other pieces we love.


Be sure to check back to our Blog for Part 2 of Artists We Love In Places We Love

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