Bunk Rooms

Lovelace Interiors

by Chelsea Musselman

Bunk rooms have always offered a great opportunity for a fun design in a home. However, bunk rooms no longer consist of free-standing bunk beds. Custom built in bunks have swept the nation! Take this set of twin over full bunks designed by my fellow Lovelace Interiors designers Cara Richardson McBroom and Joey LaSalle. These stunning beds have taken Houzz, Pinterest, and more by storm. And who can blame them…they are fabulous!

Below are some other wonderful examples of great custom bunks.




No matter the location of your project, a bunk room can be such a great design feature of a home. And so much fun to design also!

Vintage Industrial Design

Lovelace Interiors

by Karen Kerns

We are seeing along the Emerald Coast more and more design requests to create an interior which incorporates vintage industrial touches. Industrial… in a home… YES! If done the correct way with bringing in light colors and clean lines it can create an environment of rustic elegance. A big factor as to why this look has taken off is because clients are never a fan of walking into another persons home and seeing the same pieces they have. More often than not these vintage selections have history or a story behind them making them a conversation piece as well. We can’t forget the most important reason we love this style and that is how healthy it is for the environment!

When creating this type of design you will see the use of distressed woods and industrial inspired fixtures and furnishings. Natural iron finishes are often used on shelving and furniture legs or supports. Take a look at these examples…

Light fixture selections with this design style are often ones with exposed or caged bulbs. Clear blown glass is a favorite because each one is slightly different creating its own uniqueness.

Wood finishes on cabinetry and furnishing are left unstained and in their natural shape creating a very organic feel.

Designing Without “COLOR” …The Best of White on White

Lovelace Interiors

By Lindsay Miller

It’s long been determined from a design sense, that white has 2 distinct directions of style. Beach cottages along seaside towns have drawn inspiration from the “shabby chic” look of natural oyster linens and white seashells. From a completely different angle, white can also represent a clean and sterile contemporary environment found in urban lofts and big city high rises.

White is timeless, and can be used in ANY color scheme. To avoid changing the entire look and feel of your home, add white pieces here and there. Try a white coverlet, linen window treatment panels, or a cool sleek white Barcelona chair. Paint walls a classic white such as Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Decorator’s White.

Most importantly, don’t be scared to take the plunge and go all white!

Lucite, Acrylic, and Glass, oh my!

Lovelace Interiors

By Lindsay Miller

What’s the best way to have enough storage and seating without making a smaller space feel cramped and full of heavy furniture? Keep it light. Using transparent furniture and accessories gives you that functional aspect without visually weighing down your space.

The original Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost chair started the trend for this mixture of the contemporary feel with the traditional lines. It’s perfectly acceptable to mix a ghost chair with a driftwood dining table, or have a glass cocktail table atop an antique wool rug. The unexpected mixture of different styles and textures is what sets a room apart.
What’s the difference between the substances?

Lucite is defined as a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Colourless and highly transparent, the solid material has high dimensional stability and good resistance to weathering and shock.

Acrylic is a material derived from acrylic acid.

Glass is simply a hard, brittle, noncrystalline, more or less transparent substance produced by fusion, usually consisting of mutually dissolved silica.

Now that the technicalities are out of the way, how can you use those materials as furniture pieces in your home? Scroll through the images below, and prepare to be inspired.

Tales from High Point

Lovelace Interiors

By Joey LaSalle 

As many of you know, I recently had the opportunity to scout an enormous variety of furnishings and decor at High Point market for Lovelace. As an Interior Designer,  market is the ultimate playground housing over 12.2 MILLION SQUARE FEET of showroom space.  In the myriads of concepts that are shown at the market, certain items emerge as a consistent thread through out.  Call them trends, fads, or fashions, as the largest market in the world, this is the origin of what everyone will be seeing showing up in stores, and inevitably homes over the next year.  Some of these will overlap into next year as well, but the TOP 4 UNIVERSAL TRENDS from the 2013 Market was 1.) Shagreen 2.) Geodes and 3.) Antlers  and 4.) Green!

1.) Shagreen Again: So many furniture companies are offering an assortment of wrapped casegoods. We saw an incredible amount of side tables, coffee tables, dressers, night stands and even entire dining tables wrapped in leather, linen, stainless, zinc, shagreen (sharkskin) or even burlap! You may not have paid attention to it before, but now you’ll definitely recognize just how much this trend is catching on.


2.) Rockin Geodes:  Stones like Blue Agate, Agastone, Angel Jasper & Malachite. Semi-Precious Stone was in every showroom whether it was being used as an accessory, artwork, for entire wall installations, or even furniture!


3.) Antlers….yes, Antlers: Real Antlers, Ceramic Antlers, Acrylic Antlers, Carved Antlers, Polycarbonate Antlers, Painted Antlers, Embroidered Antlers….in just about every single showroom there were antlers on walls, lamps and chandeliers, table top accessories and even in bedding and on pillows. Did I mention Antlers?


4.) It’s Still GREEN in 13!  The most universal color that has been a constant this year is Green!  Whether Emerald Green or Kelly Green, walls or upholstery, green is your color!


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