One on One with Marlene

Marlene Freeman

Grew up on a dairy farm | Plays piano by ear | Would love to work on an elephant refuge

Describe your ultimate room: I like all neutral, ivory upholstery with touches of coastal colors. I always like at least one piece of coral or something from nature brought into the décor. 

My favorite book is… anything written by Kahlil Gibran 

What country’s design style do you find inspiring? Greece, Morocco, anything in the Mediterranean  

I can’t say no to… Chocolate

Favorite colors: citrus colors like watermelon red, turquoises, coral oranges, lime greens- all mixed together! 

Favorite TV show: HGTV

Antique or modern? Modern

What vendor is your current favorite? John Richard 

My dream vacation is… Santorini, Greece 

What is your favorite art style? European watercolors and I love abstracts 

Favorite place to get inspired on 30a: Alys Beach- It reminds me of Greece and the Mediterranean

What four-legged friends share your home? Cats- 3 of them. And I have 2 turtles who come eat on my porch every day, for the past 3 years. 

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