One on One with Mandy Rice

Lovelace Interiors

We are proud to welcome one of our newest designers, Mandy Rice, to the Lovelace Interiors design team! Mandy has an Interior Design degree from Alabama, and worked in the design and marketing field after graduation. She later stayed home to raise her 3 children and recently started back in residential design. We are happy to have her talents here at Lovelace Interiors!

One on One with Cara McBroom

Lovelace Interiors

Cara & Family

Raised in Panama City Beach Initially wanted to be an Architect | Graduated at the top of her Interior Design class

When you aren’t designing and doing your creative field what can you most likely be found doing? Spending time with my 3 yr old boy, Case, painting, drawing, & creating, and if I’m really lucky, reading a great book!

What’s in your perfect picnic basket: my mother-in-law’s fried chicken, my mom’s blueberry pie, and a thermos of hot mocha! 

Favorite colors: To wear: aqua and olive green; In a Home: right now, Cobalt

My motto is: to stay positive- don’t waste time worrying over things that are out of your control. 

In my dream house… I would have large, custom closets, a large functional kitchen, beautiful but practical furnishings (with some impractical splurges thrown in here and there), a large play room, small pool, and since we are dreaming here, I would have a live-in maid, and occasional private chef! Ha! 

I never have enough…  make-up & workout clothes

My perfect day is… sleeping in, breakfast in bed, time with family, lots of laughs, staying up super late, then crawling into a freshly made bed!

There is always time for… a great cup of coffee, or a snuggle with my son. 

Favorite material/textures:  wool & silk rugs, shimmering linens, soft velvets

Antique or modern? I would say modern, but a healthy mix of both can be amazing! 

Most treasured possession in your home: My Family. Aside from that, my great aunt’s piano that I played as a girl. 

What four-legged friends share your home? My overly fluffy maine coon mix, Barley

Easy updates for everday: fresh paint, new lamps & pillows, rearrange art into a gallery wall, or a new fabulous rug. Fresh high-end sheets! Never underestimate the power of a great set of sheets! 

What is your favorite art style? Abstracts and charcoal sketches

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One on One with Karen Kerns

Lovelace Interiors

Karen Kerns & Family

17 years design experience in all areas of architecture and design | Born in New York and grew up in south Florida | Trained in Gymnastics with Nadia Comaneci in Romania 1980

What is your ideal creative environment? I love having my desk right in front of the window, great music and a well organized work space…. to start off with at least, it never ends that way!

When I road trip I always: Try to go somewhere I have never been before.

What is your favorite stage of your design/creative process? I love when you are able to get into the project at the VERY beginning, when the architectural drawings are being created and you can ensure that every inch of the project will be functional and have a good flow from room to room. So many times we see plans that just don’t work well when it comes time for furniture placement. When the space planning is done correctly everything else falls into place and you will not have any limitations.

What’s your go-to cocktail?  A spicy top shelf bloody mary

When you aren’t designing and doing your creative field what can you most likely be found doing? Yoga, at the beach with my two children, Adriana and Cameron, or catching up on a good book.

What’s on your nightstand? My E-reader, favorite candle Tonka Noir Canvern Glass Candle, love notes from my kids & hubby, and a picture of our perfectly imperfect crazy family to remind me when I wake up never to expect normalcy.

My motto is: Let Go and Let God

My best accessory is … My handsome husband, Joe, the best 20 years of my life.

In my dream house… A one story courtyard home with open floor plan, high ceilings, lots of architectural features, clean lines, and comfortable decor.

I never have enough … Time, being a working Mom is the biggest balancing act I have ever had to overcome.

My perfect day is … a day at the beach with my family

My dream vacation is…  I would love to go to Bora Bora and stay at one of the overwater bungalows where the floors are glass and you literally feel like you are walking on water.

Favorite City or Country: I loved Santorini, Greece the most out of all the places we have been!

What vendor is your current favorite? Caracole, Regina Andrews, CR Laine, Oly… too many to list

What is your favorite art style? Soft Abstract

What four-legged friends share your home? Charlie, our golden retriever, the best dog in the world!!

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One on One with Julie Liebetreu

Lovelace Interiors


Married on April Fool’s Day in Barbados | Completed first open water dive at night, in a cave | First started working with Susan Lovelace in 1993, when she had a small office inside Clements Antiques

What is inspiring you lately? Lovelace Interiors! I’ve been here for 20 years and right now, this is the most beautiful I have ever seen the showroom. It looks the best it has ever looked.

What’s your go-to cocktail :  Woodford Reserve and Ginger Ale. Because it’s made in Kentucky & I’m a Kentucky girl!

When you aren’t designing and doing your creative field, what can you most likely be found doing? Playing Tennis!

What’s in your perfect picnic basket : a good bottle of wine, brie cheese, grapes, and a good gourmet cracker.

I never have enough … time! I need like 4 more hours in the day.

I can’t say no to… a good doubles tennis match!

I am obsessed with…  the Houzz website! I sit there and just look and dream about the beautiful homes that are on there.

If you won 10 million dollars, what would be your first purchase? A fabulous home, about 5000 sq ft home, with a pool and a spa. An open space.

Favorite material/textures: linen, mercury glass, beach glass

Your style in words: I like a sophisticated look that is livable and comfortable.

Favorite tv show: Nashville and Scandal

Most treasured possession: my vintage bath tub

What is your favorite stage of your design/creative process? I love new construction when it’s framed and you’re visualizing the space and getting to make decisions. And I love the smell of raw lumber. Then when it’s finished, and you turn on all the lights and it looks beautiful, that’s such a great feeling.

Movie set you’d love to live in: Something’s Gotta Give

Celebrity closet you’d like to raid:  Jennifer Anniston

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One on One with Cassidy Lyons Pickens

Lovelace Interiors

Can be a dare devil on four wheelers & roller coasters | Loves to work in the yard | Strongly believes actions speak louder than words

My motto is… LIVE FREE….I wear a bracelet my Brother and Sister-in-law gave me as a gift to remind myself of it every day! 

I buy too much…. clothes and shoes…and probably lipstick…

Antique or modern…I love using a combination of both antique and modern. I feel it adds dimension and character to any space!

Favorite material/textures…It’s’ all in the small details which as a whole complete and create a more custom design!  I enjoy adding wall treatments especially Mica on ceilings. It can dramatically change the look of a room. Another detail that can make or break any room is custom fabrications….the possibilities are endless with all the beautiful fabrics and trims available and you receive fabrications that no one else will have which is always a cool aspect of working with a designer.

My perfect vacation would be… A week of total relaxation with my loved ones probably some place tropical with a little adventure.

First thing I notice when I walk into a room? I’m definitely a furniture guru….I find myself checking out furniture, lamps, lighting and even wall treatments and naming the companies of each piece in my head… I don’t know why but it gives me satisfaction when I’m right…ha! 

What vendor is your current favorite? I love the edgy designs of Global Views and seem to use them as a go to for great lamps and accessories.

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