One on One with Brooks Logan

Lovelace Interiors

I love photography | Intially wanted to be an artist | My namesake was a midwife and delivered Abraham Lincoln

My motto is… where there’s a will, there’s a way!

When I road trip I always… take along magazines and tear our recipes and inspirational photographs of interiors, art, and gardens.

Your style in words… simple, tailored, attention to small details in the furnishings, lighting, interior architecture, and use of color and texture.

What is your favorite college town? Lexington, Kentucky! Go Cats!

Antique or modern? I prefer modern and transitional but I have family antiques that mean the world to me; especially a bed that belonged to my fifth great grandmother and my namesake.

What’s in your perfect picnic basket? Country ham and biscuits, fresh fruit, cheese grits, and bourbon chocolate brownies. 

My dream vacation is… to have a month to tour Italy without being rushed to be anywhere at a certain time or date.

Movie set you’d love to live in? Diane Keaton’s beach home in “Something’s Got to Give”.

What four-legged friends share your home? Lily, our black and tan miniature dachshund.

Favorite place to get inspired on 30a? I love Alys Beach. When I first visted, I was still living in Lexington, KY. When I returned there, I was so invigorated and anxious to begin my next design project. I love the attention to detail and the simplicity of the Alys Beach architecture.

Who is your design Idol? Barbara Barry

What are your favorite colors? Spring time and watery colors: aqua, pink, blue, yellow-greens, and yellow.

Favorite Materials/Textures: silk, linen, and quality chenilles

I can’t say no to… Keeneland’s Bread Pudding with bourbon sauce, Banana’s Foster, Key Lime Pie, or anything chocolate!

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One on One with Lindsay Miller

Lovelace Interiors

Just finished building her first home | Took a 2 week family road trip to Canada | Was a competitive cheerleader throughout high school

Most treasured possession or splurge item in your home: Local art from talented South Walton artists such as Justin Gaffrey, Mary Hong, and Allison Wickey

Celebrity closet you’d like to raid: Kate Hudson. She’s the perfect mix of Bohemian Chic with stunning Red-Carpet Style!

First thing I notice when I walk into a room? Lighting!

What countries design style do you find inspiring? The crisp whites/Blues of picturesque Santorini Greece

Favorite colors: Gray/silver/gold/black/white.. You can never go wrong with neutrals!

My dream vacation is:  Tahiti or Bora Bora in one of those cool above water bungalows where you see fish through the glass floor

My perfect day is: a productive (or completely lazy) day spent reading a design magazine on the beach with a margarita in hand

I never have enough … time to go to the beach— this summer it’s a major priority

In my fridge there is always… Cheese, all kinds –from gourmet Goat cheese to plain ol’ Velveeta slices. A girl can never have enough!

My go-to restaurant is (chain): Bonefish Grill (local): Marigny, Hooray! Crawfish season is here

I love to shop at … LOVED (past tense), CWonder in Soho, NYC– RIP.

What is your favorite college town? Oxford Mississippi, Hotty Toddy!

What four legged friends share your home? My furry 7 year old child, Grover Miller, a 25 pound Cream French Bulldog—he DEFINITELY rules the roost!

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One on One with Brooke

Lovelace Interiors

Loves to deer hunt | Born and raised in south Georgia | Lifestyle & Interiors blogger at Babbles by the Brooke

Describe your ultimate room: Quaint with character, neutral palette and pops of color throughout, layered with textures, and a mix of old and new

When I road trip I always… want to take the back roads

My best accessory: my earrings. I don’t think I’ll ever have too many!

In my fridge there is always… cheese and pickles

I am obsessed with…  Interior Design coffee table books

What is your favorite art style? Abstract

Favorite place to get inspired on 30a: the beach with a good magazine or design book

My dream vacation is… Italy!

What four legged friends share your home? Mia, she’s a sassy teacup yorkie and unaware of her small nature, haha

Favorite color(s): all shades of blue

Movie set you’d love to live in: The Holiday. I really fell in love with the charm of the little cottage and English town setting

Favorite material/textures: Acrylic, leather, rustic wood, and velvet

Your style in words: Eclectic and collected

Favorite blog: Elements of Style

Whats on your radar? I’m always thinking of new ways to add to my home. Right now, I’m searching for the perfect console vanity and cowhide rug.

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One on One with Susan Lovelace

Lovelace Interiors

Susan Lovelace, with Frank Sinatra and J.T.

 Loves her chickens the “Dixie Chicks” | Used to ski double black diamonds |  Jumps cross rails on her horse, Frank Sinatra

Describe your ultimate room: It would make your eyes dance because of the rhythm; The rhythm from architectural elements to exterior views, the beautiful furnishings and art, all while being very comfortable.

When I road trip I always… take design books and magazines, and usually a fashion magazine or two.

What’s your go-to cocktail? Anything with Hendrix Gin

I buy too many… clothes

My best accessory is … my handbag

In my fridge there is always… Lacroix water

What’s in your perfect picnic basket? Salami, cheeses, wine, and fruit

I never have enough… Time

There is always time for… Fun

I can’t say no to… My grandchildren and my animals

What four legged friends share your home? Dogs- 2 Pugs and a Border Collie

My perfect day is… Riding one of my horses. It doesn’t matter what type of day it is, I will be the happiest woman alive.

My dream vacation is… Italy

Antique or modern? Modern

City or country? Country

Favorite colors: Blues and greens

What’s on your nightstand? A precious green pug plate and pictures of the grandchildren

Favorite material/textures: I love texture! Especially leathers, velvets, and hides.

Your style in words: Interesting and different, edgy, fresh and new. What I like today, I won’t like in 7 years but the basics and classics I keep forever.

Favorite TV shows: Downtown Abbey, Scandal and Nashville

Most treasured possession your home: My alabaster urns that I’ve had for 25 years.

Celebrity closet you’d like to raid: Posh Spice

Favorite place to get inspired: New York City, NY

First thing I notice when I walk into a room: The feeling of how the whole room feels

Who is your design idol? Kelly Wearstler

What is your favorite art style? Contemporary but not too abstract

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One on One with Marlene

Lovelace Interiors

Marlene Freeman

Grew up on a dairy farm | Plays piano by ear | Would love to work on an elephant refuge

Describe your ultimate room: I like all neutral, ivory upholstery with touches of coastal colors. I always like at least one piece of coral or something from nature brought into the décor. 

My favorite book is… anything written by Kahlil Gibran 

What country’s design style do you find inspiring? Greece, Morocco, anything in the Mediterranean  

I can’t say no to… Chocolate

Favorite colors: citrus colors like watermelon red, turquoises, coral oranges, lime greens- all mixed together! 

Favorite TV show: HGTV

Antique or modern? Modern

What vendor is your current favorite? John Richard 

My dream vacation is… Santorini, Greece 

What is your favorite art style? European watercolors and I love abstracts 

Favorite place to get inspired on 30a: Alys Beach- It reminds me of Greece and the Mediterranean

What four-legged friends share your home? Cats- 3 of them. And I have 2 turtles who come eat on my porch every day, for the past 3 years. 

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