Elements and Principles of Design, Part 3

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Summer Intern Series Part 3:

Designer: Cara McBroom; Written by: Carolyn SanfordBlue Sanctuary is located on the shore of the Emerald Coast. The colors of the coast are unified in the interior space with lively blues and greens amongst the plush, contemporary furniture. The wall covering and fabrics are bold color choices that resemble water while the rug and tile selection compliments sand. In this comfortable seating area your senses are stimulated by different patterns and textures.

This bold wet bar is sure to be an eye catcher in any space. The rectangular shelves are an unexpected solution to traditional cabinets. Backlit shelves create rhythm and emphasis amongst this contemporary bar that provides an energy one would not expect to find. Again, careful selection of blue and green tiles makes the bar flow harmoniously with the emerald coast.

Floor to ceiling windows provide adequate daylight so the chandeliers and light fixtures were able to have fun with and use as pieces of art. From sea glass chandeliers to bronze sunbursts the designer was able to bring in different selections of chandeliers and lights into Blue Sanctuary that compliment the Emerald Coast. Imaginary lines are created with the careful placement of furniture in this large open floor plan. The designer was able to space plan a dining room as well as two different living areas that all flow harmoniously together.

Each bedroom is a variety of contrasting textures and finishes. In this master bedroom the vibrant cobalt blues pop against the different variations of gray fabrics. From satin to velvet to wool, the textures are endless in this bedroom.

Space planning is an extremely important part of interior design. This designer was able to provide multiple forms of seating in each bedroom through careful space planning. The designer chose traditional pieces of furniture with a contemporary edge. Another creative design that was done in this bedroom is the use of faux blinds. The only windows in this bedroom are in the corner, so the designer continued the fabric onto the adjoined wall in order to create an impressive finish.


Elements and Principles of Design, Part 2

Lovelace Interiors

Summer Intern Series Part 2:

Designers: Lindsay Miller & Karen Kerns; Written by: Madison Vincent

When looking at this gorgeous living room, you can see symmetry. Symmetry shows that you can cut the image in half, and it will be the same on both sides. If that isn’t the case, then it would be called asymmetrical. There’s balance between the chairs on each side of the coffee table. There is also symmetry between the lamp, chests, and draperies. Creating a room that is symmetrical is very common in design and is easy on the eyes.

Elements and Principles of Design, Part 1

Lovelace Interiors

Lovelace Interiors always strives to use the Elements and Principles of Design throughout each project. We asked our summer interns to analyze a few projects and discuss how the elements and principles show in each space. We hope you are able to take away design advice about a thing or two!

Summer Intern Series Part 1:

Designer: Cara McBroom; Written by: Alison Cowart

In a space as large and open as Crescent City Color, correct proportions can be difficult to achieve. The designer made careful selections in order to ensure that each piece of furniture had a sense of belonging. From the height of the chairs to the form of the throw pillows, each piece works together to create a unified space. The unity in this design creates smooth transitions throughout, and allows users’ eyes to happily dance from one area to the next.

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